Fly-in Walleye Fishing North of Nakina:

The fly-in lakes north of Nakina have always been well known for having the very best Walleye fishing in Canada. Ara Lake, Stone Lake and the Albany River system are all stuffed with Walleyes of every size. We have excellent Walleye fishing at all our outpost camps.

Guests can expect to catch many time their limit per day with the right bait. Depending on how hard you fish and how well you know the lake, it is possible to catch 50 to 100 Walleyes in a day. Guests that are new to the lake may have to spend the first day or two finding spots where you catch one Walleye after another. We do supply fishing maps and will mark all the best spots for you.

Walleyes are very common in the 1.5 to 3-pound range. There are lots of bigger Walleyes caught during the day or in the spring. Guests do catch Walleyes between 4 and 10-pounds but generally during the day, the smaller Walleyes hit more. Most of the really big trophy Walleyes will stay deeper during the day. From an hour before dark until an hour after dark or early morning is when the big trophy females come out of the deep water to feed along the shore.

During the day, a 1/8 to 1/4 oz jig with a white twistertail is the very best lure to use. You can also add a tiny piece of worm or a Walleye gullet on the jig to increase your strikes. If it's hot outside, try jigging very slowly and let your jig hit bottom. If you jig aggressively you will attract Northern Pike. In the evening troll along the shore where you are close to deep holes or drop-offs. Use light line and fire-tiger, blue or silver shallow-running floating Rapalas or Thundersticks. Troll very slowly and as close to shore as you can. The big trophy Walleyes will be right up into a foot or two of water in the evening.

When you catch a trophy Walleye, please take a picture and let the fish go. Big Walleyes don't taste as good and are the breeders, which keep our lakes stuffed with fish.