Fly-in Pike Fishing North of Nakina:

The fly-in lakes north of Nakina have always been well known for having awesome Northern Pike fishing. Ara, Meta and Stone Lake are all stuffed with Pike of every size. Ara, Meta and Stone Lake are our three best Northern Pike lakes. Pike are not as common in the Albany River but the Pike that are caught there are usually big. Some of the biggest Pike in Ontario have been caught in the Albany River.

You will catch Pike everywhere. You will catch them while Walleye fishing or even in places you would not expect to catch them.

The biggest Northern Pike caught in the last few years was a monster-sized 28-pounds. Our lakes have lots of structure including shoals, weedy bays and sunken patches of Water Cabbage, which the big Pike love. Sometimes guests will see big trophy Pike out in open water and sitting just under the surface. It's a well-known fact that big Pike like to sun themselves.

Pike are common in the 1 to 5-pound range. There are lots of bigger Pike in the 10 to 20-pound range and on occasion much bigger. You will come across big Pike while Walleye fishing but your chances of catching a trophy Pike are better if you specifically hunt for them.

Pike hit any lure. Red-&-white and Yellow-Five-of-Diamonds DareDevils are among the best lures. Big Pike will also hit jerk baits, jigs, Spooks and crank-baits. A great place to find a big Pike is at the points leading into a weedy bay, edge of weed-lines, river current or hanging around rocky points where there are lots of small Walleyes. The very best spot is the mouth of narrows where Walleyes migrate through. The big trophy Pike just sit there and pick off Walleyes as they swim by.

If you catch a big Trophy Pike, please take a picture and let the fish go. It takes many years for a Pike to get big and we want to maintain the awesome Pike fishing.