Stone Lake Outpost Camp #1:

Stone Lake has a group of three camps on its shores. It is noted for its fabulous Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. There is an icehouse provided for all three camps. There are no other camps on the lake other than the three operated by AMS Outposts, which assures privacy for our customers.

Cabin 1 is a rustic log cabin, which sleeps 2 to 4. It's located on the shores at the west end of Stone Lake. On top of all the standard amenities, it has a built-in sauna. It's located within walking distance (approximately 500 feet) from Cabin 2 so groups as big as 12 people can stay fairly close together.

Map & Satellite Photo of Stone Lake

This cabin is equipped with bunk beds and mattresses, dishes, pots and pans, utensils, propane cooking stove, fridge and lighting. One boat and motor will be provided for every two people at all camps, plus spare motor and mixed gas. Also provided are marked lake maps.