Albany River Brook Trout Fishing:

Brook Trout, also called the Speckled Trout by many Canadians, is by far the most beautiful trout and the best eating trout in the World. The Brook Trout can also be an elusive fish down south but easy to catch on the Albany. They need the right water conditions and the right food to prosper in good numbers and in good sizes. The Albany River more than fits the bill.

The Albany River is one of the best places in Canada for Brook Trout fishing. The Albany stretches 400 miles across Northern Ontario and eventually flows into Hudson Bay. It's fed by thousands of cold springs and spring-fed tributaries. There are thousands of rapids and waterfalls along its route, which generates oxygen rich water.

Our camp on the Albany River is situated in a wide area of the river called Caviar Lake. Upstream is Kagiama Falls and downstream is Tom Flett Falls. You can also portage past Tom Flett Falls to Martin Falls. In between are many navigatable rapids. All these areas have excellent Brook Trout fishing.

Brook Trout are common in the 1 to 3-pound range. There are many 4,5 and 6 pound Brookies caught as well. On occasion, Brook Trout in the 7 to 9-pound range get caught but they are rare and you would have to work hard for them or get lucky.

Brook Trout like small spinners. Silver, neon green, neon orange and black are the best colors. They also like small spoons like silver-&-blue or silver-&-green Cleos. In the spring, early summer and fall, spinners and spoons work the best. By late July and early August, Brook Trout get less aggressive and will hit worms best. At this time of year, the water warms and the pike become more aggressive so the Brook Trout become cautious. Dropping a worm into a deep pool in the evening will get those big trophy Brookies. Please note: In the summer, the water is lower and the Brookies become concentrated in the pools. Even though they become more cautious, this is still the best time to fish for them.

It takes a long time for Brook Trout to get big. Trout in the 2 to 6 pound range are also the breeders so please take a picture and let the big trout go. The best size for eating are the smaller pan-size Brookies.

We keep a boat above Kagami Falls so you can fish Teabeau Lake and other places farther up stream.

Map & Satellite Photo of Caviar Lake / Albany River

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